Thursday, July 14, 2016    

Open Forum: A World Awash in Data: Decisions, Risks and Opportunities


Gordon Crovitz, Global Chief Executive & Entrepreneur
Anthony Scriffignano, Chief Data Scientist, Dun & Bradstreet

  The rising data tsunami sweeping the globe brings both great opportunity for innovation and risk of ominous malfeasance. The rate of change in the volume, variety and ubiquity of data is arguably impossible to measure, let alone fully understand. Fueled by these changes, previously unimaginable advances in science, commerce, and technology have become reality. There is also mounting incidence of cybercrime, fraud, and privacy breach. Governments and businesses struggle to react to a changing world that continues to surprise.

Questions abound. Where do we start? How do we get ahead of “bad guys” who may innovate faster? How will business be affected by global data sovereignty, privacy and cybersecurity regulations? How do we balance asymmetric access and potential marginalization? Finding the right path starts with asking the right questions. Will these questions still be relevant tomorrow? In this future-focused and provocative conversation, Anthony Scriffignano, SVP/Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet and Gordon Crovitz, global chief executive, entrepreneur, and board member for information and technology companies will explore these questions and more.

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