Thursday, July 30, 2015    

Open Forum: An Evening with Michelle K. Lee, Head of the US Patent & Trademark Office, in conversation with Elisa Steele, CEO, Jive Software


Michelle K. Lee, Head, US Patent & Trademark Office
Elisa Steele, CEO, Jive Software

  A Silicon Valley native who lived and worked in the Bay Area innovation community for decades, Michelle K. Lee was recently appointed as Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The USPTO encourages innovation by granting U.S. patents, registering U.S. trademarks, and promoting stronger and more effective intellectual property protection around the world.

In this candid conversation, Lee will address major shifts occurring in the [IP] Intellectual Property landscape, and share her perspectives on their implications for innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship for US companies doing business both in and outside the country.

What is the state of patent reform legislation pending before congress, and what does it hope to achieve? What is the USPTO doing to help support innovation in the Silicon Valley and beyond including through its satellite office, international collaborations and measures to enhance the quality of the patents they issue? How will the USPTO help ensure that there is a continuous supply of people in the US who are coming up with great ideas and starting businesses based upon those ideas?

Donít miss the opportunity to meet and hear from Lee, in conversation with fellow Silicon Valley veteran and Jive Software CEO Elisa Steele, on issues of critical interest to Silicon Valley and the nationís innovation communities.


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