Wednesday, May 13, 2015    

Open Forum: Is It Still TV if Thereís no Television? Whatís Ahead for Storytelling and Entertainment


Kelly Day, Chief Digital Officer, AwesomenessTV
Neil Hunt, Chief Product Officer, Netflix
Tom Morgan, Founder & CEO, Net2TV
Tom Pickett, CEO, Crunchyroll

Colin Dixon, Founder & Principal Analyst, nScreenMedia

  People are now viewing entertainment content from any location through smartphones and tablets. And itís not just about watching anymore Ė itís also about the interactive relationship between entertainer and the entertained as part of the overall experience. Savvy content creators are starting to engage viewers in a way they never could before. What are the best content strategies to take advantage of this shift? What will it be like to be entertained in the future? How will people find content? Hereís the chance to hear the candid views of content and engagement gurus from AwesomenessTV, Crunchyroll, and Netflix.


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